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there for a long time because it's a great company and provides great benefits,
are not provided. we do what we do extremely well, and given the number of cuts that have taken place in the last few years they're doing the most they can with very the money. i know there are efficiency here a lot of collaboration and coordination so i think the challenge we're talking about an amount of money that i think unfortunately has to be replaced. i don't think we can afford financially from a health care prospective and noting morally not to do that. i know we have worked with the mayor to make it possible. and consistent with this idea i continue to encourage the hiv and aid providers to continue to be involved in the budget process. he hopefully, we'll resolve this issue shortly but i hope once the issue is resolved you'll continue to advocate for other population it's not just the hiv and aids community we're talking about here. there are many other vulnerable groups that needs our protection. with that thank you very much. >> so we are now going to hear from the hiv, aids network happen. and so i want to call up mick smith and two other people to do is a joint presentation after
and if they get real sick i can put them into the clinics and this client provides a lot of funds. the general medicine client can't provided the gateway into ucf services. they have no medication, no programs to help woman to professor from violence. if our program closes the gateway most of those woman and would be out of care or at san francisco general costing more money. we need our support to sustain the basic foundation of the cities services. because it's smart, cost saving financial investment into the health care of our community. >> thank you very much. next speaker >> hi i'm adrian and i came base i'm at usc for example i get treatment also a lot of community woman get treatment there and the cuts would mean they'd have no mental health care and no nutritional health care and a lot of our community depended on those services and without that they wouldn't go for medical care because everything is done under one appointment. i'm hopeful that you wouldn't cut those services. >> thank you very much. next speaker and thank you for the opportunity to speak. i'm katie i'm a psych heal
a resolving loan fund but we also partner with the nonprofits, the micro-lender nonprofits to provide micro-loans. legal resources. we have nonprofits that provide some legal resources. technical assistance. obviously you have met some of our key partners with our economic development organizations or as we -- as the city calls them we call them our neighborhood economic development organizations. that's our internal language for entities like womens' initiative. renaissance center, la cocina, urban solutions, working solutions, meta. and of course one of our key things that we need to talk to businesses about in terms if they're going into brick and mortar is ada compliance. making sure they're aware of potential aba liabilities that the property may have. tax credits associated with that. are they in a enterprise zone and can they engage in tax credits and what are the counseling services out there? we do see quite a few businesses that are already established but they want to know how do i become a certified vendor with the city and county of san francisco and we connect them with t
cashing entities to check their cash but maybe provide like a credit card that they replenish with their wages, and then any other sort of current programs or initiatives that we may have. in your packet i also provided -- we recently launched license 123 which allows a business to go on to our website. we offer our services monday through friday eight to five in city hall so there are people that are working and may not be able to access our services during that time so we launched license 123 to provide businesses with an overview what it maybe to licensing and permitting regulations so i just did a profile on a pizza shop and somebody wanted to open it and what it may involve in terms of the key licenses and permits, and as can you see there is a listing. some things we have listed as optional so under the department of public health you might -- you have the health department permit, but if they wanted to be a piss realia cooked on the inside and just a window and served then that is a take out,, so that maybe a different department of public health food establishment p
a humanitarian response but it also provided us an avenue for the state-wide partners, the civil hawaiian partners, to be able to exercise their exercise as well. this exercise also allowed us the opportunity to intro daus a lot of technology to help with the interoperatability of the civil military exercise. one of the main goals that we had for this was to allow our military a crisis response adaptive force package and opportunity to allow their training and certification in providing the most appropriate military expeditionary force for that scenario. one of the things that we realize in the military when we do these exercises in a foreign humanitarian response, that a lot of our military capabilities are not just for overseas foreign disasters but it also allows the military to be trained and certified to respond to local domestic disaster situations as well. i had mentioned that we had 22 nations participating in rimpac and this slide is a representation of the military and civilian partners that we had participating in this event. and we had many, many international partners and w
for placement. i will go that into the next slide. by providing programs, we have networking events and zammer and that provides the at some point to meet recruiters and talk about their skills which today's hiring managers are looking for employees to work with. they get to meet people who they might employ, they sit on our career panels and they come and do portfolio reviews for us as well. bay vac made it's name through media link. they learn basic tech skills that the dot com companies were in need of. they went to work for yahoo and adobe and many of those participants are employed with those companies today. today the team leaders like the companies in the slide that you see are sending their current employees to make sure their skills are up to date. they employ their employees for free at a state contract that we've had for 13 years. this is how bay vac has built relationships with those managers. many of them are start up like practice fusion and many are interactive bass the sector is as dynamic and many of those companies get bought by larger companies. they got bought by facebook a
can provide that to you. i don't know if i can read this. i need my glasses. let's see if i can point out. i can't read that. >> i think it good that you have this employee council. how many, i think it's great that they are helping with the preparing people for interviews and how they present themselves out there. how many of the 25 come from sf city, right now? >> sf city is really a -- they don't really employ anybody. the way sf city works is they are a convener of the employers and my understanding is the tech companies themselves, they are like a mini tech chamber where those companies pay a membership fee through sf city. but they don't themselves, sf city themselves, they don't employ anybody. they are an intermediary with the companies. what they have which is useful for us is relationships with a number of these companies and to the degree that we are able to work with them to leverage those relationships is how we partnered with them. >> okay. that makes sense. but i assume that the idea is that their members do employ, right? >> their members are the companies. they do emp
the program provides, a little bit more about how we got to the occupations that i'm about to get into as todd pointed out earlier, we've added a significant amount of high tech jobs for the overall bay area. i think 6000 new jobs in all. one of the things i want to point out about the program, san mateo also received a wif grant. it allows us to look at the industry from a regional perspective. we do have some of our students employed regionally, not just here in san francisco. we have partnered with them to share data. this is a rarity that you are able to do that around this industry to try to ensure that we understand what's happening in our neighboring counties and they know what's going on in san francisco. we did a labor comprehensive research which partnered with impact, we partnered with the community college system to really look at our industry. we've done a number of what we call round table convening. the most recent was january 15th whenever we invited a number of employers to understand about their current openings and what they can see in the future. coming up may 2nd, we'll d
's basketball? what happens to the olympic sports? who builds the facilities? who provides the various facilities for them to improve? the academic achievement, the academic counseling they get? in addition to that, when you look at all the video equipment that enables them to develop their talent. you want a job? drop out of school and go to work for wal-mart. you're not supposed to get rich in college. when i went to college, they say you need a
at 255 broadway and making findings. >> this resolution is adopted. item 12 >> it's providing for a sale of interests in the rights to receive rental payments to finance capital payments at the moscone center and this resolution is adopted. >> item 13 is a resolution finding that 12 thousand square feet is acceptable for the law liable at 1200 van ness boulevard. >> thank you president including this came up again last week was a bit of a contiguous group. there are others who understand the importance of the law library. it's a law that requires that our law library is suitable space. right now the law library is in the memorial building. previously it was housed here in city hall and the memorial building is is going to be closed and all tenants have to be out by july. it's going to cost the city hundreds of dollars a month. this is suitable and sufficient and is going to a delegate the department to finalize the lease. they determined 22 thousand feet was sufficient and it includes compacting shelving for the law library. this passes unanimously. the controversies arose f
of the central city residents and they have great expertise in providing services for many of the homeless. potrero hill and southeast health centers are health centers in those particular communities that are family health centers, so they provide health care to patients across the age span. . >> many of our clients are working poor. they pay their taxes. they may run into a rough patch now and then and what we're able to provide is a bridge towards getting them back on their feet. the center averages about 14,000 visits a year in the health clinic alone. one of the areas that we specialize in is family medicine, but the additional focus of that is is to provide care to women and children. women find out they're pregnant, we talk to them about the importance of getting good prenatal care which takes many visits. we initially will see them for their full physical to determine their base line health, and then enroll them in prenatal care which occurs over the next 9 months. group prenatal care is designed to give women the opportunity to bond during their pregnancy with other women that hav
cursing this. as you provide feedback be specific about what it is your relating to not reacting how you feel about a certain politician in your district but i think we're going and hopefully, we'll be making some important modifications to our process but your land use politics will always be controversial. i want to thank the members of the community who have been raising issues and objections to the issues that supervisor wiener has put forth. i've had many meetings with persons in the community who have not been in agreement with supervisor wiener. i want to talk about categories of issues that can help narrow issues. what i have brought today is 9 amendments to supervisor wiener's legislation. i have copies if you want, you can get a copy but i think they address the line share. what i have heard thus far are issues about supervisor wiener's legislation. first there is some how supervisor wiener's would delegate certain amounts of people could be involved but i want to clarify that the board can abusive the project only after the sequa have been recommendation for the purpose of rel
technical assistance providers, which the city does fund, the office of small business our key role with business assistance center -- one is to help businesses navigate the licensing and permitting process and as you have heard from some of the presenters this evening that process can be expensive. how to go about it can be complicated and but what we also see are new businesses that are planning start so in our conversation with them at our counter we first assess have they done the business plan? do they know how they're going to finance the business? and in that conversation before we get into the licensing and the permitting regulations that they need to know we want to make sure they're starting off on solid footing so it's great that we have the san francisco economic development alliance, and we also are very fortunate to have the sba district office in san francisco because we get to be able to refer these businesses for free or very affordable resources to help them grow their business. perhaps the one drawback we see for every individual that we do counsel there really
. we have been providing council for the legal coalition for health and justice. i'm here to address how collateral agreements will strengthen the implement of the development agreement with cpm c. san francisco administrative code contemplates collateral agreements between government and coalitions. by the developer and/or other agencies and not limited to community coalitions to provide for and implement social and economic environmental benefits or programs. the development agreement with c p mr. m c in preventing it's community base terms for collateral agreements. advocating for the community benefits in the agreement. not only the community directly benefited from this project, the coalition continues to be committed that these fought for are carried out. because they have been so involved in the process of contributing to the terms, they are the best for the city when moving forward in the implementation terms. the gains for the city have been substantial in the negotiating process. it will come in the implementation of it's terms. the goal of the coalition and it's involveme
to provide residence in our streets from assistance with bilingual ambassadors who speak eight differently languages. the land which services department provides translation services and make sure that the public regardless of what language they speak a meaningfully participate. we also provide ongoing training and resource resources. and we have trained all city departments, language liaisons and provided community grants to service providers and partner closely with the language access network and other community-based organizations. we are also developing a community interpreter certification training program that we hope to launch later this year. this will provide opportunities for job skills development and help meet the needs of businesses, schools and the community in our city. finally i think that we should recognize some of the major departments, the department of emergency management, san francisco public utilities commission, the police department and the dept. of pub. health to name a few and many others who have significantly increase their efforts to better reach our diver
cantor last evening and he and his staff are working on providing a special briefing for family members or this committee. you are aware that you will testify under oath. the chair dices you under the rules of the house you are advised by counsel. do you desire to be covered by counsel during testimony today? please rise and i will swear you in. do you swear to tell the whole truth the full truth and nothing but richard? you make each now give a five-minute opening statement that let me introduce the witnesses for today's hearing. we have mr. leon leon rodriguez. mr. rodriguez is the director of the office for civil rights in the department of health and human services. we also have professor mark rothstein at the louisville brand is school of law and the school of medicine. he holds a herbert f. old chair of law and is the founding director for bioethics health policy and law at the university of louisville. make sure your microphone is on ample it close to your mouth. thank you. you may begin. >> good morning mr. chairman, ranking member degette and members of the subcommittee it is a
be that the city can provide those records under other laws, but it does not fit within the sunshine ordinance box. >> i see. okay. >> so what is the consequence of that? >> are you saying that the whole thing does not belong here? or belong or as to some things that are not in her own personal file. i just don't understand that. >> yeah, i mean, i think that the whole thing does not belong here. that what she is alleging, is not really a sunshine violation. because. >> what about the central control logs? >> well, so, sorry, it may be that there are documents that are not confidential, under any state or local law and do not disclose personal information that are sunshinable, and so in that, those documents, yes. it fits. >> okay. >> and you are saying that i am not going to give you your documents about you unless you can say that i will make them public and essentially that is totally contrary to her right of privacy and yet she has a right to those documents of the >> that is true. but this is the advice that we were provided by the city attorney's office and they were following what had previ
are providing the skill sets, the tech companies need and whether we are adequately partnered with tech companies to ensure it's graduates get jobs and lastly at the midway point to see if there are other ways that the board of supervisors can help this to become successful. i think what everyone fwhants -- wants in this room is real outcome and normal san francisco residents would not normally get to this sector and all of us in the fall will be incredibly excited. that is the purpose of this hearing is really a check in with providing feedback and also to just coordinate better communications amongst the various different sectors. i know supervisor breed wants to make comments as well and want to thank her for here cosponsor ship and she talked about one of her top priorities was getting jobs for her community and we have been working very closely on this hearing and i want to thank conner johnson and supervisor breed's office. they are the ones doing the bulk of the work in getting this hearing prepared. >> thank you so much for being here today. this is my first response -- sponso
does not dispute took place that was provided in another way is a good faith search. but it is standard. >> i would think so. yeah. >> and the standard as we and the city departments applied it, there is also that there is a rule of reason, here, that the department have to make reasonable effort to find a document, but if you are receive a request, say for every e-mail from the last 20 years on the x, topic if it is unreasonably difficult to find, you should work with the requestor for figure out what the more narrow search could be. >> i think that general rule may also pertain to the back up tape question that you are flagging for a future day, the amount of resources and the effort that you are suggesting, would take. >> right. >> i think that we are not suggesting a policy out come. we are just saying that people ought to understand what they are required to do and what they are going to get, or where in between it gets decided whether to go that next step. >> i cannot find in here a requirement for a non-department head to maintain the records. >> and that may be because as mr. pi
decided it was not going to allow network providers to enter into contracts with websites or priority delivery. were familiar when it comes to things like fedex or getting a package to your house the next day. here they decided it was too dangerous to allow a network provider like comcast or at&t or verizon to enter into such contracts. or bob and i argue in the book is the result of a wiki to achieve a better place, to allow the contracting to police any abuses for discrimination is that the likely concern in on an after-the-fact case by case basis. >> is there another structural regulatory policy that stood in the way of advancing broadband? >> it's hard to rank these, but the next that is a big impediment is wireless ologies are poised to take over. we saw it happen with voice in the last decade in the same thing now with data. the problem, the biggest obstacle in the way of wireless is suspect turning the air for wireless to compete. the sec has been slow in optioning it to wireless providers. i would say that would be my number two complaint. the >> robert litan, when you talk ab
of management and working with staff on professional development and soliciting feedback and providing construction and guidance that is perceptive to the point and well received and something that many of us in management while it's in incumbent on us to do that to help our staff grow, that most of us aren't used to doing and she's focused on it significantly and not just for her own staff but she was part of a small group of folks that designed by all mta's employees and she brought some of her previous private sector to bear and hopefully have a much more performance oriented organization in terms of how we manage and evaluate our own staff. she models this behavior herself meeting individually with each of her 16 full time staff members each quarter to review their plan and soliciting feedback in a 360 approach that has been become a model for the whole sustain able area. her skill with complicated communications and mentoring her staff an getting a quick understanding of the projects and challenge and getting them implemented and with her working outside of agencies an finding a
. bay view hunters family has provided a safe haven for girls to be future leaders in the community. they - we need the reextortion of fund because they're the most at risk through the trauma in their homes and community. once in a while i urge you to restore the program to the past level. thank you >> thank you very much next speaker please and good morning i come here today speaking on behalf of the legacy program by african-american folks. those advocate for the community change and believe that no child should be left behind >>. and saw the needs of the black and brown child. i stand here a product that works. and continuing to - excuse me. carrying and a dynamic staff at the center. i stand here today representing a 80 kids who have been kicked out of the school. kids that need more than a pickup from school they also need save passage home. and parents who need - they can't arrive late to pick up their kids. youth first is that help. the youth first program has met every workshop and passed every site visit and completed every survey. i stand here today asking you to make a c
evening and he is providing a special briefing for any members to remain through this committee. you are worried that committee is holding a hearing. when doing so we have taken testimony under oath. the chair advises you under the post of the house and committee are entitled to be advised the council. to advised to be counseled testimony today? please rise and raise your right hand and elsewhere even. douceur the testimony are about to give us the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth? the record show the witness is answered in the affirmative. you're subject to penalties set forth in section 1001 of the united states code. you may not give a five-minute opening statement. i'm introduced the witnesses for today's hearing. the first panel is mr. leon rodriguez at the office for civil rights at department of health and human services. he oversees the operations of the solar rate division. mark rothstein at the university of louisville school of law in school of medicine. he holds a herbert f. ball chair of law and is the founding director of the institute for bioethics help pol
>> thank you very much. i'm david mets. i'm here to provide you with a brief summary of the results that have survey. it's already been presented to members of the public utilities commission and i will move through it fairly quickly and answer questions you may have. you will see here the methodology of the survey, it tracts the survey that we have conducted for p u c and prior years and we have conducted many interviews in mid-february. those results were statistically weighted. the survey was conducted on land lines and in english, chinese and spanish to not exclude participation. the results of the survey we conducted last year in 2012 as well as an initial survey done in 2011. however, interpreting those results i want to draw cautions about differing methodologies which limit them being entirely apples to apples comparisons. first there's a number of places where we changed the word to go better reflect the substance of the program as it existed at the time of each survey. similarly there were predicted rates and that information shifted. this year for the first time we had a
, not limited to people who own a smart phone. the information we are providing, one of the third parties who picked this up could use the information to design an application that could be accessed from a laptop or from anything else not limited to smart phones. >> that is correct. >> thank you. there has been discussion about whether we have one app, or an open architecture system. my understanding to make sure we are on the same page is that the idea is by having a petition among the apps eventually one or maybe two mac will emerge as the winner as we have seen in a lot of internet applications. rather than us picking before hand who should win, it is to have information go out and let the best app or two win, and at that point we will have a relatively uniform or widespread app. he said the thinking behind this with the open architecture? >> we are creating a platform and letting the people whose core competency and profession is to develop apps with whatever features they want, whatever user interface they want. whether or not it would get down to one or two winners is a question. the
to ken rich who will provide an overview of the term sheet. >> good afternoon, commissioners, i'm really happy to be back in front of you for the second and hopefully final round of this project. as you know the previous proposed project and development agreement were heard by the land use committee in full board last year and the board members made it clear they were not ready to approve the development and after meetings were held attended by supervisor chiu, campos and ferrel and executives, gerardo own of the bakery mediated these sessions and did a fantastic job of keeping us on track. out of these sessions came out a physical project as was described and also to go along with it a new proposal development agreement. the xoidz -- keypoints are on the slide which makes it all beds in the city. a larger percentage than it was previously cpm c obligated to provide a level of charity care and with no financial conditions or projections. last time that was an issue. this time it was resolved and health transportation and affordable housing and pedestrian safety. you see in the agreemen
to provide services and does not depend on any external circumstances. you will remember that in the last agreement cpm c was responsible for being the hospital partner for a number of new medi-cal beneficiaries. cpm c will provide medical services for people outpatient. it will be beneficiaries for 10 years at least which may come to provide services. like in the last agreement there is a foundation. cpm c will fund this with $9 million approximately. it's already been identified and although there will be additional funds available as well. in the health service system, the agreement includes protecting the city's health service system from increases by capping rates for ten years and limits premium increases for 5 persianly -- percent -- annually after that. moving off to health care items onto to affordable housing. the clear sheet includes 2 affordable housing payments. to compensate for 25 units that will be displaced. this is for the planning and codes. this will be paid at the time c p pulls the permit for demolition. and the mayor's office of housing affordable housing fund.
party. had there not been that information, then we would have perhaps commented and provided information for you. there is information from our standpoint so you have the position of both parties. >> if i'm on-the-job site and i have a permit and the inspect or says you need to correct this. i have the obligation to correct it. with that in mind, would it not be who of the department to ask the hard question why this lady is resisting to let you on the property to correct the violation. >> thank you, she has information that she's going to provide you that she believes she's being reasonable as well. >> she's here today? >> yes. i think you need to hear from her because from that standpoint we can't make that determination. she's given us documents where she believes the property owners hasn't acted reason ably. we can't make the determination who is or not acted reasonably. we have given the information in front of you. perhaps you need to hear from her as well. >> any other problems with that property other than this wall? >> no. there are no other notices of violation. jus
mayor's office on housing and with affordable housing providers to allow us to pay subsidies and put services into affordable housing units so that the rents are lower, so that homeless people and people with disabilities can live in those units, and also get the support of services that they need in order to maintain the housing there. i don't have a lot of time but i took a look at number of seniors that we house so in our supportive housing program which is called direct access to housing we have 1600 units. at least 26% of the units are set aside for seniors so that earmarked for seniors. you have to be a senior 55 or older to get in. in reality 58% of residents are seniors and we have subsidies for people with hiv and we had people earlier testify going that and 41% and 72% of those units -- actually of those vouchers, of the subsidies are used by people over 50. that's probably no surprise but i want to give you those numbers. in our medical resident sobering center 35% of clients are over 55, and i was not able on short notice to find out how many of the people that we
to transform lives and provides access to people from all backgrounds; for immigrants it has allowed them to learn english. for laid-off garment workers from chinatown to ancient, it has allowed them to get retraining so they can support . their families with better income . but it is really an amazing place many of us when we fought for the chinatown campus over the years it was about creating access and opportunities, to create nurses, teachers, mechanics, the professions that keep our city running an economically viable. the 85,000 students are a great testament. the college focus on real strategic approach to social justice is also been a model nationwide in higher education and pulling up economies, a great model for many other immunity cause distress throughout the country. ,but the college is facing a significant crisis perhaps the greatest crisis in is near 80 year history since 2007 the college has been forced to cut 53 million dollars because of the lack of funding at the state level in most recently the schools accreditation has come under threat by the state accreditation co
appropriate that we have a former child care provider on our ranks with supervisor yee and i want to thank him for the next recognition. (applause) >> thank you. this is really an honor for me to be able to do this today. the week of the young child that just started sunday is celebrated by cities throughout the united states. and could i have the people that are going to be recognized, representatives -- all the representatives come up. evidence clearly shows that early years of the child's life are the learning years. early childhood education gives children a jump start on education for their kindergarten and elementary school years. according to many studies in recent years, the children who attend preschool do better in math and reading skills than children who do not attend. a child who attends an early education program also has increased cognitive skills at the beginning of the kindergarten. a study from the massachusetts institution of technology says that early education baits boosts the economy by providing jobs to nearly 3 million people nationwide. ~ those people then spend their
where the full 150 word summary was provided. >> correct. >> thank you. >> any further questions for miss blackman? >> yes, i have a question of mr. hartz. yes, commissioner. >> have you reviewed the draft that mr. herrera says is going to be the form that the commission is going to adopt going forward in so far as including public comments? >> i have reviewed it yes. >> and assuming that they adopt it and implement it, does that cure your concern? >> no. >> why. >> because the similar simple fact is that they did else wise for two years, i would like to point something out on those particular minutes that you are seeing, up until these minutes another member of the public, mr. james chavy submitted 150 word summaries also and his remains as an addendum through december of last year. and their statements that they put it in the addendum and then noted in the thing that has changed, that has been so many variations, if you go back through and look through the notes, sometimes it was a blue numeral i, as he mentioned you had to click on that and once you clicked on that you could
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 5,574 (some duplicates have been removed)